16 years ago, a dark soul arrived on the earth. A daughter had been born to Lord Voldemort. The order kidnapped her and everyone assumed her to be dead. Or was she?
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PostSubject: Durmstrang Classes   Durmstrang Classes EmptyThu Dec 21, 2017 5:30 pm

Due to the stranger classes of the Durmstrang Institute, I've decided to give you more information behind them. This does include the Core Curriculum that Hogwarts has as well. 

 Core Curriculum:

  • Astronomy. Taught by Professor ___. In this class students will study the night sky and it’s constellations.

  • Care of Magical Creatures. Taught by Professor ___. In this class students will learn to about and to care for various magical creatures. Creatures studied will range from a wide array of rarity, domesticity and danger.

  • Charms. Taught by Professor ___. In this class students will learn a variety of standard and nonstandard spells to use at their disposal.

  • (Defense Against) the Dark Arts. Taught by Professor ___. This class will focus on the Dark Arts, where they originated from, understanding them and how to combat them should one encounter such.

  • Herbology. Taught by Professor ___. In this class, students will learn of a wide array of magical and non-magical plants and their uses. It will lightly touching on their uses in potions, poisons, cures and healing. 

  • History and Introduction to Magic. Taught by Professor ___. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of magic and where it originated from. Students will also touch on a variety of careers and magic types through this class to learn more about what area of magic may be best suited for them.

  • Muggle Appreciation. Taught by new Professor ______. This brand new class will cover a variety of muggle culture, including but not limited to: art, history, sub-culture, innovations, and music.

  • Potions. Taught by Professor ___. A class that will focus on the fundamentals of potions in a variety of uses and sources. Students will learn to create potions for their use if brewed successfully.

  • Transfiguration. Taught by Professor White. Students will learn the basics of transfiguration and how it applies to much of basic magic. 

Durmstrang Classes:

  • Alchemy. Taught by Professor ___. Intimately connected with potion making, chemistry, and transformation magic, students will study the four basic elements and their relation to transmutating subjects.

  • Ancient Runes. Taught by Professor ___. A class that focuses on the ancient runic scripts used in early magic and, in the advanced section, students learn to cast magic through the use of runes.

  • Ancient Studies. Taught by Professor ___. Students study the ancient world and the presence of magic in ancient cultures across the globe.

  • Performing Arts. Taught by Professor ___. Students learn to use magic to create art through a variety mediums.

  • Combat. Taught by Professor Valkyrie. Students will be disciplined with physical means and weaponry. Primarily staff-work; learning to defend for yourself both with and without magic. Students will also partake in rowing during the warmer months.

  • Conjuring. Taught by Madame ___. A rather eccentric class where students will study the summoning of various spirits and magical entities.

  • Cursework. Taught by Professor ___. Students learn to study a variety of curses of offensive and defensive nature. Students will learn to break them and to approach them with caution.

  • Divination. Taught by Madame ___ Much like her class in conjuring, students will learn from the odd woman how to infer insights on the future through a variety of rituals and tools.

  • Dueling. Taught by Professor Davis. A rigorous course, students will learn how to duel and fight with magic.

  • Elemental Magic. Taught by Professor Erben. Students will study the four basic elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air. Given the school’s location, there’s particular emphasis on water and earth. 

  • Ghoul Studies. Taught by Professor ___. A study in ghosts and ghouls, the class is often taken as a filler class.

  • Healing. Taught by Professor ___. Students learn how to heal through a variety of herbs, runes, spells and potions.

  • Human Transfiguration. Taught by Professor ___. Students learn how to transform the human body, through mimicry, disguise, and animagus studies. 

  • Illusion. Taught by Professor ___, students will learn and practice the art of illusion.

  • Post Mortem Studies. Taught by Professor ___, students will study arts associated with the dead and gone, in both ritual and forensics. 

  • Spell Creation. Taught by Professor ___. Students learn how to effectively create spells properly through choosing the correct words and vernacular.

  • Wandless Magic. Taught by Professor ___, students study the extremely difficult and complex medium of casting magic without a wand.

  • Xylomancy. Taught by Professor ___. Students learn to cast magic through the medium of wood, and more importantly, their staffs rewarded to them on the passing of their second test. 

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Durmstrang Classes
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